We are seeking a do-er to accelerate our growth in building walkable neighborhoods across the United States. Our ideal candidate balances future-shaping aspirations with practical constraints to get to successful outcomes. As part of a small team, the candidate must take radical responsibility for their work and showcase entrepreneurial initiative. This is an opportunity to join a fast-growing real estate company that is motivated by the desire to make our cities — and our planet — a better place to live.

About You

  • You are a strong listener — good investor relations start with good listening
  • You enjoy building genuine connections with people, both in professional and informal settings
  • You ‘speak the language’ of capital markets, including a working knowledge of real estate pro formas and financial concepts
  • You are enthusiastic about Space Craft’s mission and excited to sell it
  • You are detail-oriented, with the ability to anticipate questions and be prepared with numbers related to the deal, the neighborhood, and our team
  • You are a proven project manager, comfortable in ‘herding cats’ toward a closing
  • You are entrepreneurial, with a desire for both ownership and accountability


  • 2-5 years of experience in capital markets, real estate, and/or finance
  • Experience with real estate acquisitions is viewed favorably but not required
  • Undergraduate degree is required, with a master’s degree and/or relevant fields of study viewed favorably

The Role

We will tailor the role to match the candidate’s experience and expect the role to evolve as the company grows.

Investor Relations (Support to CEO)

  • Lead market tours: Be the guide for investors, lenders, retailers, partners around our markets in Charlotte and Durham.
  • Interface with investors: Answer market and underwriting questions, send deal updates, work through due diligence, and make the case for Space Craft across emails, phone, Zoom, in-market tours, coffees, and meals
  • Point of contact: Serve as the default point of contact for potential partners and smaller check investors, and support Space Craft’s CEO as our roster of partners expands (even as he remains the primary contact for key partners)
  • Market understanding: Maintain current view of our markets and warehouse of market analysis data, including rent comps, land comps, sale comps, etc.

Transactions Lead

Run point on managing the closing of land and vertical construction financing for Space Craft’s mixed-use multifamily projects, including:

  • Broker relationships: Select and manage capital markets brokers, including the maintenance of relationships not currently engaged on a transaction
  • Stakeholder relationships: Develop outstanding relationships with key stakeholders (equity, debt, consultants, capital market brokers, internally) to preserve and advance Space Craft’s industry reputation
  • Term sheet review: Review and compare term sheets, analyzing and recommending best fit for Space Craft’s transaction goals
  • Scenario comparison: Underwrite capital markets scenarios and recommend deal partners in conjunction with capital markets brokers and Space Craft deal team
  • Closing checklist: Own and track closing checklists, with a mix of completing some tasks yourself and stewarding other parties through delegated tasks: brokers, team members, external consultants
  • Closing calls: Represent Space Craft on closing calls, coming prepared with a list of outstanding items for key partners and the Space Craft team
  • Protect Space Craft’s global interests, adopting a broad view that balances short-term and long-term financials, our company’s impact, risk, and partnerships
  • Do what is needed to close Space Craft land and construction financing — on time


  • Regularly scan land listing sites or opportunities, scout new neighborhoods, find deals others pass over
  • Support CEO with managing brokers, finding sites, and negotiating with sellers in our current markets — this will involve walking sites, conducting early due diligence, meeting with sellers, and other on-the-ground work required to close deals
  • Support CEO with managing brokers, finding sites, and negotiating with sellers in our third market, likely outside of North Carolina — search begins in 2024 with closing targeted for 2025 or 2026
  • Be a sounding board and develop a good eye for site acquisition opportunities

Personal & Team Growth

We want you to be in sync with the broader company and understand the big picture behind our development projects. Reserve time to connect with teammates, find mentors, and contribute ideas that improve our developments and the company.

Reading, learning, finding inspiration, and participating in professional organizations outside of work is part of the company culture. Do what you need to do to stay creative.


Charlotte, NC (residency or relocation)

Travel Expectations

  • Travel to Durham, NC, several times a month
  • Occasional travel to other Space Craft offices for in-person time with teammates
  • Team offsites twice annually (including fun international locations)
  • Occasional events and conferences

Start Date (Flexible)

Summer or Fall 2023


  • Competitive and commensurate with experience
  • Profit Sharing Bonuses (after an initial trial period)
  • Healthcare Reimbursement


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