Putting the walk back in sidewalk

American cities forgot how to walk. You did not. And neither did we.

We are a band of urbanists who believe in the magic of cities and the joy of walkable neighborhoods. We are colorful murals, not beige boxes. Extra-large windowpanes, not extra-wide highway lanes. Corner café, not mall superstore. Instead of being everything to everyone, we aspire to be something special to someone.

We’re Space Craft. And we’re excited you’re here.

The big-city experience, minus the big-city rents.

Inspired by the alleys of Tokyo, the brownstone streets of Brooklyn, and the courtyards of Copenhagen, we build walkable neighborhoods modeled on the world’s great cities. We craft spaces from the outside-in: stellar locations, ambitious urban design, curated art, useful amenities, and tasteful finishes. We bring the funk. You bring the personality.

Live in your city, not in your car

No matter how many wheels you need to get around, we’ve got you covered. Electric bikes are ready to go in the lobby. The train is down the street. A rideshare is waiting out front. The key to a fleet of electric vehicles is the phone in your pocket. Whether you’re commuting to work or spending a weekend in the mountains, we make it easier and cheaper than owning a car. Now promise that you’ll come back.

Modern tech-nique.

Our tech-forward spaces integrate features that serve you. Never get locked out again. Have the temperature be perfect when you walk in. Be logged on, not still loading. We’ll make it smart. You make it home.

Urban forests, not concrete jungle

We are ushering in a future where Americans treat urban ecosystems with National Park level pride. We integrate lush gardens, encourage composting, harvest solar energy, and design efficient building systems to ensure that your actions leave the world a little better than we found it. Your job? Simply enjoy living in the beautiful spaces we craft.

Doing well and doing good. Not so crazy together.

Attractive and thoughtfully conceived buildings are sound investments. We could build less beautiful and less sustainable projects, but they wouldn’t produce nearly the same value for our residents, our investors, or the world at large. Why would we want to do that?

You can rent anywhere.
The question is,
where can you live?