Beautiful, healthy homes.

We design and build spacious, light-filled apartment buildings, crafting each home to improve resident health and delight users daily.

Neighborhood living.

We build in clusters to create walkable neighborhoods, so residents can step out onto streets lined with beautiful buildings, local shops and restaurants, and lively public plazas.

Mobility at your fingertips.

With trains, bikes, scooters, and cars on demand, residents can always choose the easy way home.


We design sustainability into every aspect of our homes, so it’s easy for folks to do their part.

Daily convenience.

We make everyday life easier, with smart tech in each home and useful amenities on every block.

A different path forward.

We build densely in fast-growing American cities where our projects offer a satisfying alternative to suburban sprawl.

Better homes.
Walkable neighborhoods.
For you and the planet.

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